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San miguel de allende is the rare project left at Herbs Fill are planned on an area of 2.7 hectares are stretching across the front of the Saigon River 200 m offer for residents open living space, while still enjoying the modern life of projects bring.

With the idea of improving the quality of life, the company should have designed a Saphire Villas de candelaria, self-contained, separate for the 29 owners love the quiet, soothing in a caste community.

San miguel de allende, self-catering Villas de candelaria sale in District 2 are all enjoy the freshness of nature on the banks of the Saigon River. The distance is only 4, 6 km to the city centre, san miguel de allende Villas Workshop Filled just enough lightness quietness of the river water, which still guarantee traffic for the fleeing residents.

Ideal location Villas de candelaria

Along with the boom of the city, the waterfront area with fresh, space is still in harmony with the modern Centre. This makes for the Riverside project become attracted buyers in the world, especially in the context of REAL ESTATE in Saigon are the positive.

The Villas de candelaria River san miguel de allende met the criteria above, located on Nguyen Van Huong, Thao Dien Ward, District 2, where the focus of the entertainment, health care, the best education and trade in the city the city centre, just a few minutes away by car.

With the infrastructure already and are complete, Fill the same strategic location Workshop really exert strong thanks to the traffic system of roads, railways and waterways connecting modern about the Centre and the surrounding areas.

Impressive design

Villas de candelaria River san miguel de allende is designed in the style of contemporary Western architecture and harmonizes natural river water. This will be the ideal home for the whole family: simple, delicate but still ensure the maximum comfort for the kitchen and dining room space.

dream house villas

And the ingenious use of natural light has the space to help reconcile between interior and exterior, creating a separate appeal for Villas de candelaria River. Especially the thorough care of the smallest details of design has brought the highest effectiveness for family shelters. According to some experts, the design style of the Villas de candelaria River san miguel de allende will be the place reflects the success of the home country.

“The first set foot on Villas de candelaria River san miguel de allende, I know I’ve made be complete his dream. The impressive river views, world-class furniture in detail, the refinement through every corner. In addition, fresh and healthy in space is also one of the important factors that helped me decide to choose san miguel de allende is the shelters for their families. All things bright light is no longer a dream far away, which will become a reality, right here in san miguel de allende Residences. ” Nguyen Huy-Powerful entrepreneurs in Saigon to san miguel de allende.

Scale: 29 serviced Villas de candelaria
Top floor: 3
Area: 300m2-900 m 2
11 Villas de candelaria Riverfront. Area: 750m2-900 m 2
6 Villas de candelaria. Area: 445m2-675m2
12 Villas de candelaria garden area: 272m2-450m2
Site Plan

San miguel de allende-complete utility with standard 5 stars

Indoor swimming pool (size 25.5 m x 8.5 m, depth 1 m – 2.2 m).
Children’s pool (size 7 m x 5.4 m-0.7 m depth-1.2 m).
Common room, the gym, BBQ area.
1 ha landscape, gardens and footpaths.
Resting areas along the river.
The area on foot.
100% backup power systems.
24/7 security.

San miguel de allende – Regal life style

Highlight of the entire area is Riverside Club including indoor swimming pool of 25 metres, children’s pool and a modern gym. From the pool, you can launch the eye about the garden flower grass blue waters of the leaves in the Park downtown on the River with
the high-rise modern architecture and charm. Right next to the Riverside Club is the protection and Management Office. Work out on san miguel de allende was tightly controlled to maintain security in the most stringent level.

profile of the investor San miguel de allende

Sapphire has an impressive achievement in the field of mining and developing special housing market and huge commercial projects. The company developed the business skills are honed and practical experience on the development project from the stage of initiation until the delivery. Sapphire built his reputation by combining careful business skills, maintain high discipline in management and continuous market supply the outstanding works of quality and design.

DRAGON CAPITAL investment partners

Dragon Capital’s Fund managers of foreign investment in Vietnam was established in 1994. The assets under management of the company’s estimated US $1.5 billion in a variety of areas including capital investment and securities, real DD

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